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Lulu is back again, this time with a Rainbow Cake … ummm WOW. Make sure and check out her instagram account for more amazing recipes like this one!




You Will Need:


500gr flour  (ensure it is white flour for optimal rainbow colours!)
250gr sugar (again, ensure it is white sugar)
1 tbsp baking powder
a pinch of salt
250ml coconut milk
250ml vanilla rice milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Green: Spinach
Orange: Carrot
Yellow: Algae powder
Blue: Blueberries
Red: Strawberries
400gr vegan cream cheese
40gr sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract


• • • • • •




Mix all ingredients for the dough base with a handblender.
If it is too dry mix it with a spoon.
Don’t add more liquid because the things you are going to add for the dough have water.
Preheat your oven to 180°C.
Take 1/5 of your dough and blend it with spinach (maybe you have to add a little bit of water here.
Pour the dough in a non stick baking pan and bake it for 25 minutes.
While it’s baking take another 1/5 and blend it with a carrot.
When the first part is ready you can take it out from the oven and do the same thing with the carrot cake.
Do all those steps with all different colours.
Mix all ingredients for the cream cheese.
When all cakes are ready and cooled down you have to take one of them add some of your cream cheese mixture, put the next part on top then some cheese cream again … Do this with all of your cakes and put some more cream cheese on top.
Now you can also add some strawberries or oreos or any other topping you prefer.
It’s a lot of work but believe me it’s worth it! 😉




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