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Hey pals! We are totally enjoying the reappearance of the British sunshine. Let’s hope it lasts!
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Our Favourite Instagrammers
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Today on the blog we wanted to share with you the people that inspire us everyday. With social media soon turning into a whirlwind of comparison, unattainable fitness fanatics and an eat clean obsession, we think it’s really important to filter out the people that we follow to maintain happiness without a need to compare and degrade ourselves. I want to personally remind you that healthy eating does not mean avoidance. Having a fear of certain foods is not normal, and by maintaining a balanced mix of everything you’ll soon achieve the healthiest balance of all.
Are you coming of instagram feeling low and less than worthy? Or do you find the pressure so strong that you find yourself clearing out the cupboards to make room for the latest weight loss fad? That mindset and feeling is not healthy, nor is it attainable. The power really is in your hands to choose the people that are in your life, and that includes who you’re following online.
Here are the accounts that we admire, please let us know who you look up to in the comments below!
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A photo posted by 🌙iskra✨ (@iamiskra) on
If you’re looking for real talk, Iskra is your girl. She is a body confidence activist who raises awareness for eating disorders in association with NEDA and is also a world renowned ‘curvy’ model; though I’m not entirely sure why that label even exists. If Iskra does not immediately become your girl crush, I think there’s something seriously wrong with you. Oh, and I forgot to mention, she eats donuts too!
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Sophie is awesome. We’ve followed the Way of Gray journey for some time now and are even lucky enough to work with Sophie on a professional basis. Her workouts have been made in order to inspire her followers to fall in love with themselves. Sophie advocates for body positivity, self love, and eating well too. But like us, she’s partial to a bowl of fries and that totally rocks!
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No, not Deliciously Ella. If you haven’t heard Deliciously Stella is the new cool kid on the block. Scrapping all ‘eat clean’ fads, this girl has taken the internet by storm with her HILARIOUS satirical pictures of the wellness industry. Our favourite post so far has got to be the picture of her hoola-hooping…literally…
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A photo posted by Humans of New York (@humansofny) on
A slightly different account for you all, but HONY is a really cool concept posting stories from REAL people on the streets on NY. The platform shares intimate hardships and elations of those whom have struggled, and I can guarantee you that every post will leave you pretty damn humbled.
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It’s not often that you come across a male blogger on instagram so meeting Jon has been a complete breath of fresh air. Since meeting at the end of 2015, we have since become really close friends and often make time for designated baking days. After suffering from an injury and being told that contact sport was off the table, Jon has since become a member of the GB Touch Rugby team with great success. Jon is FULL of information about nutrition, and is genuinely one of the kindest people we’ve ever met. Jon, we heart you.

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We’ve been following the growth of Emma’s account for some time now and think she’s pretty awesome. She quite clearly has a talent for photography and recipe creation, and we often find ourselves drooling over her feed. YUM.
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+Jamie Oliver

A photo posted by Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) on
I don’t think we are alone in being a huge fan of Jamie. He’s instilled into our nation a new concept of eating WELL and making healthier changes. We really admire the work that he’s done and also his adamancy to avoid all superfood fads. They don’t work. There is no quick fix. And being sucked into the ‘wellness’ world does not always provide happiness.
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A photo posted by Natalie Sum (@nutellasum) on
Natalie is our ultimate ‘life goals’. We are so keen to meet this gal that I think we are slightly nearing on the brink of obsession (I’m joking…I think!). But seriously, think foodporn, flatlays, chocolate and more chocolate.
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We briefly crossed path with Carly in January and were really taken back by hear BEAMING energy. Though we aren’t in the fitness industry, we can really admire Carly for her work ethic and constant positivity. We can clearly see how many lives that she’s changing and that is something that proves hugely motivating. Her pictures are always incredibly bright, we love her dog, and also love the fact that she is totally normal. I think she’d be up for cupcakes and chill; our kind of gal.
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FOOD ENVY. That’s all. Oh and a totally cool smile, flawless skin, and an awesome book. She’s rad.
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We met Ian whilst working with Aldi a few months back. He inspired us and gave us confidence in an industry that is quite honestly daunting. Ian is incredibly down to earth, seriously talented in the kitchen and is working so hard to provide amazing content. We both believe that Ian is a so far undiscovered talent whom we know is only going to grow this year. Team Haste all the way!
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