Two Elegant Peruvian Restaurants

Located in the heart of London, Chicama and Pachamama are two high-end Peruvian restaurants that brings all of the traditional tastes but adds in a modern twist. We had the pleasure of visiting and trying out the dishes of Chicama which is located in Chelsea, and Pachamama in Marylebone. The two sister restaurants that adapt their elegant but diverse range of foods into trandtional Peruvian dishes that take a modern twist. Below are a few of the dishes we indulged ourselves into.


With a menu inspired by the coastal food of Peru, Chicama is a seafood restaurant in Chlesea that embodies the colourful flavours of Peruvian cuisine. Their meals are often simple but packed with rich flavours. The actual layout and design of the restaurant and bar is almost what we call a colourful, modern-day, rustic ambience. Their large open kitchen and friendly young staff definitely add to the energy of the restaurant.

Our Favourites?

We thoroughly enjoyed the small plates of appetisers maybe a little too much. Although the main meals were delicious too, we recommend picking a few smaller dishes and having a nibble of each. You are definitely paying for what you get for here. The prices aren’t the most friendly, but worth every penny.

  1. Tapioca Marshmallow – We loved both the creativity and simplicity of the plate. It’s a chewy, gluey cooked-down tapioca, the size of a marshmallow with oozing warm Parmesan cheese surrounded by crispy deep-fried edges. The sauce is a mild fruity chilli sauce which works well with the little tapioca squares. We definitely could have eaten more of these.
  2. Crispy Aubergine – Who knew aubergine could be so delicious??? The deep fry of the aubergine works well with how soft the aubergine actually is inside. Without making food sound way too sexual, this dish is coated with a sweet plantain miso that gives it a rich and sticky caramelised effect. It’s sweet and easy to eat.
  3. Black Rice – This one is a strange choice, even for us. There’s nothing extravagant about the dish, it’s just rice infused with squid ink and seasoning. But there’s a concoction of seasoning that really compliment the other dishes. If you’re getting a main seafood plate, we highly recommend this as a side.


In Peru, Pachamama represents Mother Earth or the goddess of nature; in London, she’s one hell of a chic Peruvian restaurant. Despite her sister restaurant being on the pricier end, Pachamama is affordable for anyone who’s chilling by Marylebone. The interior is colourful and unique with a carelessness art style, perfect for a first date or a girls’ night out since both their food and drinks list is extensive. 

Our Favourites?

Before raving about their dishes, we want to take a moment to appreciate their affluent gluten-free menu. They have a separate menu with gluten free options, and it’s not your typical GF menu where there are only one or two options. It’s packed with choices from seafood, meat, and vegetarian options; not to mention appetisers and desserts. The cocktail list is an adventure in itself, so we highly advise going during happy hour and trying as many as possible. The dishes are artistically pleasing to look at, popping with exotic colours and dotted with edible garnishes.

  1. Fried Aubergine, Smoke Yogurt, Pecans – What is it with us and aubergines? If you couldn’t tell the two restaurants are sisters, you can definitely tell from their aubergine dishes. We recommend this for anyone. It has a soft and gooey texture but accompanied by the crunchy peacans and generous scoop of smoked yogurt – it’s delicious.
  2. Chicken Anticuchos – We were not disappointed! Two tender kebabs are served, mellow meat but perked up with hints of chilli, with a bed of rich creamy sauce.
  3. Amelita Cocktail – You can go wrong with an overly sweet alcoholic drink, but can not go wrong with an overly fruity one. With Barsol Quesbranta Pisco, raspberries, lime and sugar, it’s a dangerously delicious drink and can’t go wrong by ordering it. Don’t go overboard if you want to savour the delicious dishes.


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