As bloggers and foodies, we’ve tasted a lot of different foods from kawaii baked goods to top restaurant dishes in the city. So when we decide to post about something as simple as ice cream, it means it lip-smackingly good.
Jude’s ice cream is a small local ice cream company that uses only natural and great tasting ingredients to make their rich and creamy taste. Not only do they use local businesses themselves, from their milk coming from Matterley Farm, a nearby farm four miles down the road, they donate 10% of all their profits to causes that help children and young adults.

Why we love it so much
  1. Values – Besides being an absolutely sensational ice cream, Jude’s Ice Cream is value based. As mentioned before, they give 10% of all profits go to charity. They also have a promotion for their fans. By signing up for their mailing list, you can get £1 off of your ice cream purchases!
  2. Creativity – As bloggers who prioritise creativity, with flavours such as flat white, hot toddy, gin and tonic – there’s no denying that Jude Ice Cream cherishes it too.
  3. Taste – If you can’t take our word for it, see it for yourselves! With over 40 Taste Awards, Jude Ice Cream truly has an affluent CV! Don’t believe any of us? Try one of their mini tubs or scoops (Hyde Park and Pear Tree Cafe), and then you can get a tub 🙂
  4. VALUES again! – There are so many businesses in the market these days and we have worked and met many companies, but it’s always an utter pleasure to meet hard-working and kind hearted people that truly have a passion for their business and customers. We are fans!

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The innovative ice cream start up started back in 2002, when Mr. Theo Mezger was thinking about what he should do with the empty cowsheds in Hampshire farm. It first was a small hobby, but with the demand in their delicious ice cream, Theo pursued Jude’s Ice Cream full time.

They believe in creativity and that the best things come naturally within time, and their company certainly follows their values. The family business is small consisting of close family and friends, and the company is consistent in bringing out new and upcoming seasonal flavours for us fans.

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