Is Breakfast Important to You?

If you ask us about our favourite meal of the day (discounting pudding of course) it will always be breakfast. Breakfast is not only an opportunity to make something super fun, it’s also really vital to wake up your metabolism and provide energy to seize the day.

For that reason, it’ll come as no surprise that we were SUPER excited to have been invited along to the cotswolds by Nestle Breakfast Cereal.




Cereal isn’t commonly a staple in our cupboard, however when asked why, we didn’t really have an answer. I guess in today’s health obsessed society the trusted cereal isle has been given a bad rep. Sad. Anyway it wasn’t long until our love of Cheerios were rekindled, and with a bit more information, our view of the crunchy stuff was completely changed.

Bar the minimal amount of sugar used to make your first meal super tasty, you’ll be surprised to hear that all of Nestle’s green band breakfast range contain a vast amount of multigrain – so, paired with a portion of fruit and portion of protein, your favourite bowl of crunch turns into a perfectly balanced contender to start your day.


Using some of the grains found in their cereals, on day 1 we were given the chance to experiment with a handful of Nestle’s favourite recipes to get creative with not only our cooking techniques but food photography too.

Multigrain Waffles






There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet, so having Nestle’s wonderful nutritionist join us for the trip was really eye opening. No, she wasn’t there to pump us full of urges to start the next fad diet, but instead remind us that eating well should be easy, and finding quick alternatives is ever possible – especially for our first meal of the day.

On Day 2, we were given the challenge of making our very own cereal. Crazy, right? Like you, we definitely had preconceptions that making our favourite O’s would be super complicated, but in just a few easy steps we were taking our Cheerio’s out of the oven ready to eat. How cool.



Homemade Cheerios

Yup; we made those. *smug face*

Throughout the stay we were truly wined and dined in style. With every meal followed by pudding, it was safe to say we were rolled out of the venue on the last day. But what struck us most about spending time with the Nestle team was their passion and transparency in regards to their products. There’s no disguises here, just wholesome ingredients, fun branding, great people, and an amazing ethos. If anything, this short stay taught us more than ever how surrounding yourself with healthy people and embracing a wholesome healthy life can be more rewarding than any conformity to society’s expectations. I know a lot of you reading this will be fully hung up on leading an extremely ‘clean’ lifestyle, but have you ever thought for one moment how much this is restricting you from living a HAPPY life? Food for thought.







X Hannah


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