Best Gym Bag for 2017: GymTote

The best gym bag for 2017?!

If you’re anything like me and see the gym as a prime opportunityy to make a fashion statement, than you may just be in luck. Not only is it important to have your clothes en pointe…it’s 2017 ladies, your accessories need to be the best too!

Recently whilst looking through my piles of gym equiptment, I realised that the flimsy fabric bag that I was carrying everything in really wasn’t cutting the mustard. My clothes were being wrinkled, snacks squashed, and god forbid I ever wanted to find my gym card…need I say more!?

Anyway, whilst on my hunt for a new bag, I stumbled upon not only the PERFECT gym bag, but one that I’ll definitely be reusing for day and weekend trips, too. The whole GymTote range has been designed with both aesthetic and practical features in mind which makes the whole thing sleek and convenient, and for £170.00 not breaking the bank.

I thought long and hard about ways in which to show off the bag to it’s best ability, but really unless you view it in real life you’ll be hard pressed to understand just how cool this is. With a section for your meal prep and water bottle, snacks and phone, gym card, an easily accessible section for your entire outfit plus a top compartment for everything personal…this bag really does have it all. Not to mention the long straps that comfortably fit over your shoulder – even when you’re layered up beyond belief. (It’s passed the puffa jacket test!)

In fact, to make it clearer, let me list all of the exact features below:

•Top handbag compartment with additional slip & zip pockets for all your small items – in our new luxurious water resistant black ottoman weave

•Separate base compartment in our water resistant black ottoman weave for your gym kit – no more pulling out your sports bra in meetings

•Exterior pull out sleeve pocket for trainers

•Mesh eyelets in the kit and trainer compartments to keep your sweaty kit well ventilated

•Extra soft padded handles help make it comfortable to carry when fully loaded. Longer over-the-shoulder handles  make sure it fits nicely under your arm and over your winter coat

•Separate water bottle pocket – you can store your umbrella in there too for rainy days

•Exterior zipped phone/mp3 pocket with eyelet to hold your earphone cord = secure tunes

Outer: Polyurethane

Inner: Polyester

Dimensions : 40 x 32 x 20 cms

Sound good yet?! Well if the description isn’t enough to tickle your fancy, check out this short video that we’ve put together. I can’t wait to get my hands on their backpack (with leapt pocket), but I’m going to have to wait until mid-feb for it’s release date *cry*:


To get your very own stylish gym bag, check out the GymTote website. Thank me later.

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