Activewear: Our favourites and why:
If you haven’t noticed by now, activewear has become the new fashion statement. Weekly trips to the gym for me are no longer about what weights I will be lifting or how fast I can sprint but instead all about which new matching outfit I can debut.

That’s why, over the past month, I’ve been trialling out some of the hippest new fashion out there to take with you to the gym and beyond. Step over 5 year old baggy-knee’d black leggings, because this kid is all kitted out and ready to share her findings with you!


The name speaks for itself. If you couldn’t before, you will now be able to. With some of the coolest designs on the block, the ICANIWILL range not only makes you look good, feel good, and move better, but you will be turning a few heads with their amazing range of patterns. Cue multiple conversation starters.

I’ve been testing the ICANIWILL range as much as I can – on the spin bike, squat rack, treadmill and in functional fitness classes, too. And the results have been amazing. The high waist and draw string feature means you’ll be having no awkward slip ups when squatting, and the thick material means that any pant lines will be covered, too.

Their sports bras are durable, thick and comfortable and keep any jiggles at bay when giving your body a full blasting.

The cut and design of the pieces flatter your figure – especially for someone like me who totally lacks curves and a bum is non-existent. I think it’s something to do with the combination of their material and shape that sucks you in at all the right places and leaves you feeling like you own the place.
Outerwear: I’ve also been mildly obsessed with their long sleeve hooded top – gaining extra brownie points for the thumb hole in the sleeve (anyone else love those?!). The lightweight material is perfect for keeping warm before the gym and wicking off any unwanted sweat after. I love the feeling of walking into the gym with a matching outfit that doesn’t look like I’ve emerged from bed just moments earlier (I have).
Shop the ICANIWILL range here.

Women’s Best

I’ve heard of Women’s Best a lot, it seems like all of my favourite fitness bloggers on instagram are either posting about their protein blends or wearing their awesome clothing. So, when given the chance to try their outfits, I lapped up the opportunity.



I always struggle to find affordable leggings that stand out. It seems like everyone’s designing similar prints and using the same colours now, so when I browsed Women’s Best range and saw their awesome matching sets I was pretty pleased.

Sometimes patterns are too good to be true, and the fit of the items is totally compromised. Cue the constant need to hitch up your leggings, make yourself comfortable all whilst looking like a loser throughout the whole process. That’s where both ICANIWILL and Women’s Best have you covered. The waistband on their design is super comfortable and fits just above your hips making sure everything is in place. The back of the waistband dipping down to make your bum look big, too…bonus!



Sports Bra: Again, like the ICANIWILL Bras, the Women’s Best crops totally had my vote at first wear. The material and padding is super comfortable keeping everything in place just where you want it. The quality of the fabric is both breathable and thick, so you have no flimsy straps or unwanted creasing. Added bonus? They do matching sets which are just too cute. *Cue more head turns*



Make your outfit pop even more with their lightweight strappy tops, which can I just put out there – I love. It’s hard to find that don’t cling too tightly or hang too baggy, and that’s the main reason I love the design of these. The logo is discrete, so you don’t feel like a walking advert whilst powering through your workout. And even better, the breathable material totally hides any evidence of the sweaty mess that you really are.

I also have a matching black outfit which is my go-to outfit on slouchy days and gym visits where I like to hide a multitude of sins and the weekend’s indulgences. The soft material makes me feel good about myself even when I feel low – we all have those days!

Shop the Women’s Best range here.

Liquido Active

I stumbled across this brand just recently when looking for cool yoga pants, and they’ve since proven to be my favourite go-to pair for pretty much everything when the sun is shining. I initially thought that having such a bold pattern would compromise on their thickness, but rest assured – no pant visibility here!



When they first arrived, and to the naked eye they initially looked like they’d be way too small for me to squeeze into, but in fact the fit couldn’t be more flattering and comfortable, and I can’t wait to get my next pair! They fit like a glove!

They have a really fun selection on their website which can be seen here.


Last of my discoveries for this month is Onzie. I’ve heard really good reviews so was excited to try a few pair of their leggings. Unfortunately, the sports bra that arrived was too small to try, but the same couldn’t be said for their leggings which I’m totally sold on.

The thing I love about the Onzie design is that they make your legs look really long. I don’t know if this is just me, but I’m convinced. The comfortable and thin material makes them great for lounging, and exercise too. They’ve become my favourites to wear to pilates and for catchups with my friends because they’re totally cool enough to be worn as a fashion item too. Looking at their website makes me want to own the whole range – life goals, maybe? 😉 Anyway, I paired my leggings with my Women’t Best tank, and I think I looked pretty cool…


Shop the Onzie range here.


What are your favourite activewear brands? I’d love to know!

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